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The special feature of our house is that each of our rooms has its own style, its own plan and therefore its own individual character. Each room has its own little story and not just a number. Our focus was highest quality and your personal comfort.

All rooms are non smoking rooms and have the possibility of coffee and tea maker, generous flat screen TV's with WIFI function, cozy sitting areas, safes, etc.

For self-catering are three fully equipped appartements available, each with two rooms for 2-4 persons, the costs are withourt breakfast. Ask our weekly rates!

Our house includes free parking a reading area, infrared cabin, breakfast buffet, garden, snacks and drinks in the lobby.

We are a non smoking house. In the outer areas smoking is allowed, of course. On the first floor there is a small covered smoking area on the balcony.

We are looking forward to welcome you as our guest!

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